There are lots of great church fundraising ideas. Churches are particularly well suited for fundraisers that utilize and help grow a church’s existing sense of community. Here are some examples of church fundraisers that can help your church raise money:

Pancake Breakfast – This is a classic church golf tournament prize ideas fundraiser, partly because it’s easy to organize and execute and partly because everyone just plain loves it. Who doesn’t like a warm, delicious meal in a place they feel comfortable? It’s even better when they can get all that and support their church in the process.

Services Auction – This is a special kind of fundraising auction. In a church setting, the organizer of this fundraiser should ask members of the congregation who have special skill sets to offer their skills in an auction (perhaps an auction held after or during another large church event). Examples of services that might be good for this include a lesson by a local golf instructor who is also a member of the church congregation, a few tutoring sessions by a local teacher, a guitar lesson by a local musician or a portrait sitting by a local painter. When the time comes for the auction, make sure you have the experts whose skills are on the auction block give verbal explanations of their offerings themselves.

Board Game Tournament – This church fundraising idea is largely self explanatory, but there are some details that should not be overlooked. It is best to pick board games that are quick (most aren’t, of course); you do not want to be there all night (unless you are holding a board game marathon fundraiser, in which case you do). Also, the games should be fun to watch. A game like Risk is not fun for spectators, but a game that involves a lot of excitement and energy like charades is very fun to watch. Finally, make sure to sell baked goods and other food during the event to raise extra money.