Identifying these problems early on can prevent expensive repairs down the line and ensure your chimney remains structurally sound. A wood stove is a small and efficient alternative to a built-in fireplace.

We’ve outlined some tips for learning how to hire a chimney sweep with confidence. When you have chimney issues, but the bricks are still intact, you might be able to repoint your chimney without needing to replace the bricks. Signs a chimney needs repointing include mortar discoloration, cracking and flaking, a rusting damper or firebox or damaged or discolored wallpaper around the chimney. If you damage your chimney lining while cleaning it, you will increase the risk of an uncontrolled fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. The cost to remove an animal from a chimney is $600 to $1,500.

Damper Troubles

But if you have heavy creosote buildup, you’ll have to call in a pro. We’ll show you how to inspect yours to see if it qualifies as a DIY job. Level 2 chimney inspections are a little more complex, consisting of a video scan of the interior surface of your chimney. These are typically performed after a major catastrophe , before the sale of a home, or when making structural repairs. The average cost of a level two chimney inspection is between $185 and $1,000. Pellet stoves are more complex systems, burning organic material like compressed wood or biomass pellets with the use of electricity. Because of the air pressure produced by the combustion blower, these stoves require exhaust pipes that are specially sealed in order to keep the gasses out of your home.

Chimney sweeps may see 40 to 50 chimney fires a year, and more than half of the chimneys they service require extra cleaning because the homeowners wait too long before calling. In extreme cases, the hardened layer of buildup requires cleaning with special tools or chemicals. If you’re familiar with chimney sweeping, you can find DIY chimney sweeping kits and try to do it yourself. However, we don’t recommend you to dive into this task without proper training. The cleaning process can be quite messy, and without the right precautions, there’s a risk of damaging your home’s interior. Not to forget, the health risks due to exposure to harmful substances and the potential hazards of working on top of roofs. Certain areas of the United States, particularly cities with a higher cost of living, can have an increased average chimney sweep cost.

The level of chimney inspection your chimney sweep performs has a large bearing on the total cost. On the most basic level, certified chimney sweeps will inspect your chimney for creosote , remove the creosote, and perform a structural inspection. The level of chimney and fireplace inspection required is a determining factor in the final cost of your bill. Read more about Fireplace Cleaning Littleton here. A level one chimney check-up or annual cleaning will likely cost $80 to $200, while a level three inspection may cost up to $5,000.

In addition, wind can deposit leaves and twigs in chimneys lacking flue caps. But the real problem in a chimney that needs attention is creosote, which is very difficult to remove, even with DIY methods. A top-rated chimney cap is a key to preventing debris from entering the chimney. If you use your fireplace frequently or burn unseasoned wood, sweep your chimney twice or more per year. If you detect any signs that it’s time to clean your chimney—such as heavy creosote build-up or smoke drafting into the house—sweep the chimney on an as-needed basis.

Factors affecting chimney cleaning costs

Demand can also raise the price, so homeowners in neighborhoods where chimneys are a common home feature may end up paying more. Homeowners who have houses in remote areas may also incur a travel fee. For reference, average costs in New Jersey are relatively high at $550, whereas in Florida prices are closer to $250 on average. Homeowners can look up “Chimney sweep in my area” to get a sense of local chimney sweep prices. Standard chimney sweep services, including a general inspection and cleaning, can range from $75 to $250 depending on where you live.

Remember, multifuel stoves are the only stoves you can burn smokeless fuel in. Light soot – this isn’t a huge problem as long as you get your chimney swept regularly. You should always contact a reputable chimney sweep to be sure you’re getting the best advice and service. The National Association of Chimney Sweeps is a reliable source of chimney sweeps. Once you have bought a stove, a chimney sweep should be a permanent fixture on your household calendar. However, you may be wondering why it’s such an important thing to do. Consider using a top-down burn method, which burns hotter, cleaner and produces less smoke than traditional fire-building methods.