8 in 10 U.S. shoppers are reported to shop with Target2, meaning there is a lot of foot traffic in-store and digital traffic online to keep shoppers engaged and satisfied with their shopping experience. Pennington Creative offers a variety of digital marketing services that can help your business become more visible online. Learn about our Tucson content marketing services by visiting our website or contact us today to get started. You can always revisit and adjust your prices based on what you learn after you start marketing.

If you don’t have the time, you’ll have to hire someone to help manage your social media strategy. So, you’ll want to determine if the opportunity cost of social media is greater than the effort you’ll put in. Some brands keep customer service agents solely for the purpose of answering customer questions and feedback on social media. Dedicated social media representatives help customers get questions answered in real-time. Influencers and online reviews are two of the more popular forms of social proof. A report from Morning Consult Pro shows 61 percent of Gen Z and millennial consumers trust social media influencers. Consumer Trends Report, 55 percent of surveyed Gen Zers say recommendations from influencers are one of the most important factors to influence their purchase decisions.

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You may have a stellar product, but it’ll do you no good if you’re selling it to the wrong people. In fact, $37 billion is wasted in ad spend each year from ads that fail to engage the target audience. We’re all looking to become the next big company — similar to some of the most popular D2C brands today. But the truth is, in today’s saturated product market, it’s difficult to generate product ideas. Niche products, on the other hand, are goods or services that serve specific customers and product categories. Unfortunately, for an entrepreneur with limited design experience, creating an online store may be a big undertaking. In fact, 60% of designers say they spend 11 to 40 hours crafting a website before it’s ready to launch for their clients.

Customers shop and make purchases through social media channels, so having your products present on social platforms can increase exposure, brand awareness, and sales. Nearly 71 percent of shoppers are of the view that they shall get a better bargain online that in stores. 80 percent of the global internet users have made purchases online while 50 percent of the global internet users have bought more than once. The sixth study reveals that 40 percent of consumers admit to making up to 7 purchases online through an average 3-month period. Retailers have recognised the power of these channels to shape shoppers’ opinions and have begun engaging with their customers on social media and online review platforms. That engagement has played a big role in facilitating customers’ desires for more information before making purchases. A side-effect of that engagement is consumers are more informed than ever before about the products they are buying and the companies they are giving their money to.

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From global shopper counts to platform-specific data, the figures highlight the rapid growth, extensive reach, and significant impact of online shopping in today’s digital era. Analyze your map – Analyze your online shopping journey map to pinpoint friction points and areas where the customer experience could be improved.

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I spent a good chunk of last year at home with a baby and a toddler, and I know it’s hard. Buying something new is a way of distracting ourselves from uncomfortable feelings, and online shopping only amplifies this problem.