Considering there is a good number of electronic parts under the body of nearly any RC truck, it is only natural that we seek ways to protect them. If a truck cannot make it through then his distance will be measured instead. Think of it like this – an Axial RECON G6 style cross country race is like a marathon, whereas a TTC is more like a series of track and field competitions. Track and field with rocks, mud and various man made obstacles to try and wreck your rig, that is.

Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle Rock Crawler Kit

If you want to learn more about proper RC truck storage in order to avoid a lot of the common mistakes people do, continue reading below. You still have to take them apart, clean, dry, and lube them. However, the problem with these is that the brushes tend to wear out faster. This is why it is recommended to inspect the receiver and receiver’s box regardless of what RC truck you have. One of the problems with waterproofing an ESC is that while you want to protect it from water, you also want to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

Paint Your Ramp – If you have purchased untreated wood, or just want to add a finishing touch to your ramp, paint all of the surfaces. This is extremely important on the bottom edge, where your ramp comes into contact with the ground. This is especially true if you plan on leaving your ramp outside for any length of time. No matter which angle you choose, or how you decide to use your ramp, you will want to make sure that you do everything you can to protect your RC vehicle when it lands. The best option is to always land on grass or other soft surface. Some RC jumpers use leaves or sand to help soften the landing.

10 Painted Body with Decals, Blue/Black: GRANITE VOLTAGE

The tires are glued to tough, gun-metal colored nylon wheels and include high-quality inserts for excellent tread support. The INFRACTION® 4X4 Mega Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck RTR incorporates the signature ARRMA® easy-access modular design. Separate, easily removable chassis modules for the power system, electronics, and differential components make routine maintenance fast and simple.

If you want an RC truck for stunts and bashing, durability should be the first feature you look at when choosing a 4×4 RC truck for your off-road adventures. Look for materials such as aluminum or composite plastics known for their strength and durability. The 4WD Caldera 3.0 monster truck is equipped with a 3.0cc SH-18 2-stroke nitro engine, with slide carb, and is ready to unleash its fury….

They can offer a variety of jumps and obstacles you may have a hard time finding anywhere else. Two ramps with the higher ends facing and a bridge between them can make for a mountain climb ramp with a down ramp. This is a great way to get some extra speed if you want to get some height before taking on a big jump. If you’re not sure how wide you want to build it, try out your buddies’ ramps, or check out the local skate park to get an idea of what size ramp you feel works best. Take along your measuring tape and get some quick numbers so you can go home and sketch your idea. If you want to use your ramp to reach maximum height with your RC truck, the general rule of thumb will be to have a ramp built at around a 45-degree angle. Much steeper and you will fail to maintain enough velocity to reach a high jump altitude.

On the other hand, 1/8 0r 1/10 RC cars can suffice for any purpose. Knowing the scale and size of your RC car is essential when choosing your preferred RC model. The options can feel endless when shopping for an RC truck, so how do you choose the best one for you? Faster and more powerful than the Volcano SV, the 4WD Volcano S30 is equipped with a 3.0cc SH-18 2-stroke…

Find Some Empty Space – As long as you abide by local ordinances and laws, you can find parks and fields in public spaces that you can jump your RC. To ensure that you can spice up your fun, if possible, consider making one of the mini ramps mentioned above that is easily portable and can fit in any vehicle folded flat. Dirt Tracks – In some areas, you will find tracks designed for dirt bikes. These tracks often have intricate jumps and ramps that are designed for dirt bikes.

The body is in good shape with no dents or cracks that I can see. The tires are good, but not new or fresh out of the box by any means. There is no battery included with this truck since I am selling it as a roller only . This truck does include a brand new set of TSL wheels that have never been used . The truck is equipped with a powerful motor and strong battery. It can run at the normal speed of 15km/h or the super fast speed of 35 km/h.

I am selling because I am getting out of scale trucks and going to 1/10 scale electric off road racing. This truck has been used on asphalt and dirt surfaces, so it has some scratches and paint chips from racing.

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